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Waste Less Arugam Bay

WLAB – that’s where upcycling takes place!

What we make from rice bags is done at WLAB (Waste Less Arugam Bay) from collected PET bottles or the lids. Here, small upcycling masterpieces are created by hand, which declare war on disposable plastic. For our Rice & Carry collection, WLAB presses shredded lids into buckles and key rings. And by the way, the FAIR SQUARED Eco Razor project made of recycled plastic was brought to life through this collaboration as well!


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click clack

Feel the difference

Click Clack celebrates Sri Lanka’s legacy of hand weaving and supports small family businesses and weavers from rural areas. Together, we produce high quality, fair trade fabrics and textiles. You will find these often combined with rice or jute bags in our Rice & Carry products.

Fair Squared


To put it simply: FAIR SQUARED means FAIR2, which means FAIR to the squared. FAIR SQUARED wants to achieve the best possible for its partners all over the world. FAIR SQUARED supports us in the distribution of our Rice & Carry products in Europe and thus helps us to get closer to our goals step by step.

World Fair Trade Organisation

With WFTO guaranteed fair

As a member of the World Fairtrade Organisation WFTO, we continually ensure that Rice & Carry is a truly fair trade company. The focus of the guarantee system is not on individual products or distribution chains, but certifies that Rice & Carry as a whole always prioritizes the welfare of both people and the planet.